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Who is ready for the transition? June 11 2024

When making an investment decision, the fiduciary duty of an asset manager includes addressing a company's climate exposure and its adaptive strategy. For investors, understanding this dynamic and recognizing the financial threat is crucial.

Natacha Guerdat, Guido Bolliger
2024 EHL Sustainable Investing Forum June 10 2024

This one-day conference is designed to bring together leading academic researchers and practitioners searching for robust approaches to pursue a sustainable investment strategy.

Assessing climate impact: the role of avoided emissions intensity in energy generation June 6 2024

Investments in energy companies with lower GHG emissions can significantly contribute to climate protection goals. Regional and lifecycle assessments are however crucial for fair comparisons between renewable and fossil fuel energy generation.

Dries Cornilly
Hybrid Utility Green Bonds and Financing the Climate Transition March 25 2024

Fixed income investors have a significant role to play in financing the climate transition.

Luca Manera
Environmental impact outlook: Selectivity as a response to higher interest rates February 21 2024

Impact investing is a long-term investment strategy, which considers that companies that are providing products and services that can accelerate both the environmental and social transition will experience higher capital gains than their peers.

Guido Bolliger, Natacha Guerdat
Impact credit insights - Green Bonds in 2023 January 29 2024

Fixed income investors had a mixed year in 2023. Despite expectations of a strong start due to a softening outlook, the global economy performed well amidst rising interest rates.

Luca Manera
Systematic sustainable investing: hype or trend? January 9 2024

The increasing prominence of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in investment decision-making reflects a growing awareness of sustainable and responsible business practices.

Dries Cornilly
Is transitioning the new greenwashing? December 15 2023

In the pursuit of a robust agreement at the COP 28 in Dubai, more than 100 participating countries have advocated for the inclusion of "phasing out" oil, gas, and coal in the deal at the UN climate summit.

Natacha Guerdat
Carbon Credits Unveiled December 11 2023

The carbon credit market has emerged as a critical instrument in the global strategy to combat climate change.

Natacha Guerdat
Tomorrow's energy world - what is cooking in Dubai? December 8 2023

The global energy landscape is undergoing significant changes, with a growing focus on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Natacha Guerdat
The 2023 Global Stocktake grade: F December 4 2023

Acting as a 5-year check-up or an inventory, the Global Stocktake is surveying each country’s emission reductions targets, policies, and commitments to reach the 1.5° Paris Agreement goal.

Natacha Guerdat
Anticipating COP 28: Five Topics to Keep an Eye on November 30 2023

COP 28 takes place from 30 November to 12 December in Dubai. We take a closer look at five important topics.

Natacha Guerdat
Mind the (duration) gap: from risk to opportunity in green bonds November 30 2023

The recent decline in bond yields serves as a reminder of the potential benefits that high interest rate sensitive bonds can offer to investors.

Luca Manera
What to think about Climate Benchmarks? October 16 2023

In a world grappling with climate change, climate benchmarks have emerged as easy solutions for passive investors looking to align their equity portfolios with a sustainable future.

Dries Cornilly
Why are bonds so crucial for institutional investors and how can private investors benefit? October 9 2023

The credit trading revolution is finally here. Catch this webinar replay to discover the alpha opportunities for systematic investors.

Luca Manera
SIF 2023: A forum about sustainable investments & the green transition September 29 2023

Insights from EHL’s first Sustainable Investing Forum where new sustainable finance initiatives were discussed.

Natacha Guerdat