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Launched in 2019 with the support of the REYL Group, Asteria is an asset manager fully dedicated to impact investing. Together with its investors, Asteria uses capital as an agent of change to support the transition to a more sustainable and equitable economy. In December 2020, Asteria announced a strategic partnership with Obviam, a Swiss impact investor with over 20 years of experience in the field and managing portfolios for several clients, including SIFEM, the Swiss government's development finance company.


About REYL Group

Active in consulting and investment aimed at private and institutional clients, the REYL Group stands out for its entrepreneurial, responsible culture and its constant quest for innovation. In 2020, the REYL Group signed a major strategic partnership with Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo, a leading European banking entity.


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Asteria is dedicated to accelerate the transition to a sustainable socio-economic system.

Placing the human being and its ecosystem at heart, we create investment solutions pursuing both financial return and positive impact, in order to put the most capital to work.

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We fully embrace our responsibility to act in a sustainable way. Keeping the lowest environmental footprint, ensuring a well-balanced job and lifestyle for our employees. To improve business standards, we actively contribute to best practice sharing.

Our investment process integrates innovation and technology to enhance research methodology and portfolio management. Continuous progress and an open mind characterise all our developments.

Impact and sustainability research are constantly evolving. To integrate the most accurate information and methodologies we continuously update our knowledge and regularly adapt our processes.

We shape our investment selection with systematic and disciplined research ensuring tangible impact generation. Capacity to integrate, organize and manage multi-sources data is essential to capture the most impactful investment opportunities.

We believe our multidisciplinary and complementary team leads to better insights. Creativity and continuous improvement rely on close collaboration, skills and know-how transfer.

Asteria Investment Managers and Obviam join forces – a milestone for Swiss impact investing

For the very first time, a dedicated impact investment manager with a long-standing track record will be able to offer and manage products at scale across the entire spectrum of impact strategies, combining public and private capital, listed and private assets, as well as social and environmental impact targets.

In recent years, a very clear shift in attitudes and values in society and politics could be observed. People increasingly believe that it is right and necessary to care about our impact on the planet. Correspondingly, in the world of finance, impact investing, which intends to create positive, measurable social and environmental impact, has seen healthy growth rates. So far, however, impact investing products have been offered either by small, specialised players limited to a specific niche, or by large players seeking to diversify their product offering without fully dedicating themselves to impact investing. This is about to change with the strategic tie-up of the two Swiss impact asset managers Asteria Investment Managers and Obviam.

“I am delighted to start this cooperation with Obviam. They are not only recognised as experts but also great people. This new entity is reinforcing the Swiss Financial Place for sustainable investing, allowing to build bridges between the various impact segments and to intensify the collaboration within public and private sector around sustainability.”

Katia Coudray, Asteria Investment Managers CEO

Asteria + Obviam : Why not both?

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We have combined a team of investment professionals with proven track record from the asset management and the impact investing industry.

We rely on collective intelligence where knowledge sharing and cross-expertise are the foundation of our collaboration.

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