Asteria launches its first social impact fund: ASTERIA FUNDS – PEOPLE IMPACT GLOBAL EQUITIES FUND

May 26, 2021

Asteria Investment Managers, expert in environmental impact investing, is pleased to announce the expansion of its investment offer with a new social impact UCITS fund: Asteria Funds – People Impact Global Equities (the “Fund”). The Fund will invest in companies whose economic activity allows to improve health & well-being, satisfy basic needs and promote diversity & inclusion while aiming to achieve market return with a strong risk control.

Asteria seeks to achieve two equally important targets: positive impact and compelling investment performance. In order to do so, Asteria has developed solid systematic investment processes aiming at maximizing positive impact generation while delivering a superior performance compared to global financial markets’ performance within a strict risk management framework.

The firm implements its processes using the most recent and innovative technologies of data processing, so-called big data, and machine learning for financial analysis and portfolio construction.

Dedicated to improving lives

Covering a global universe of over 3,000 listed securities, our research is based on 3 pillars. The first is impact analysis, based on a detailed assessment of the economic activity of companies and their consequences, the second is the integration of ESG criteria based on raw data and the third is financial research. The latter has been developed using a quantitative and systematic approach derived from multi-factor models.

Portfolio construction based on an optimisation technique maximises impact and replicates the performance/risk profile of the MSCI All Countries World Index (USD, Net Total Return) . Our approach allows the fund to be used as a building block in the construction of a strategic allocation.

The implementation of the investment process is based on proprietary research as well as the use of technological innovations in the field of "big data" processing and natural language processing (NLP) for financial research.

The objective of the Fund is to direct capital to companies that offer products, services or technologies enabling to close the inequality gap in access to basic goods and services, as well as companies promoting inclusion and gender diversity. In addition, the Fund’s investment universe includes the Top 25 Gender Diversity Champions, i.e. companies with the highest diversity score , based on gender representation within management. Consequently, this product has been designed to generate a positive impact in terms of social responsibility compared to a conventional investment while respecting a market return objective.

Asteria emphasizes: “Building a more inclusive and fair society has never been more necessary. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to address social issues urgently. These problems are related to: financial inclusion, access to healthcare and education or affordable housing.”

Domiciled in Luxembourg, the Asteria Funds – People Impact Global Equities is a UCITS and SFDR Article 9 compliant fund with a daily liquidity. Due to be launched on May 26th, 2021, a special seeding share class with a reduced management fee will be offered during the first three months after launch date (ISIN: LU2150142318).

1 This index (the “Index”) serves as benchmark for purposes of risk management and reference only and has not been designated as the reference benchmark for the Fund’s sustainable investment objective. Whilst Fund’s securities may be components of the Index, the Fund will not necessarily invest only in the Index constituents and the Investment Manager has significant freedom to invest in a portfolio that is materially different from the Index own composition.
2 Based on proprietary scoring methodologies.

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