Asteria Funds are SFDR "article 9 compliant

April 23, 2021

Asteria Investment Management has received regulatory approval to classify all its current strategies as products having a sustainable investment objective under "Article 9" according to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

This new regulation aims to increase transparency in terms of the environmental and social responsibility of entities as well as for each investment product individ-ually by classifying products into three categories defining specific transparency obligations:

• Article 6 covers funds which do not integrate any kind of sustainability into the investment process and could include controversial companies such as tobacco companies or thermal coal producers. These products must be clearly labelled as unsustainable.

• Article 8 applies to financial products that promote, among other charac-teristics, environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria

• Article 9 covers products targeting bespoke sustainable investments. These are defined as pursuing one of the following objectives:
o investments in an economic activity that contributes to an environ-mental objective.
o investments in an economic activity that contributes to a social ob-jective in particular an investment that contributes to tackling inequality or that fosters social cohesion, social integration or labour relations; and
o investments in human capital or economically or socially disadvan-taged communities.

At Asteria, we develop investment solutions that combine the generation of fi-nancial returns with the positive impact of developing a more climate and envi-ronment-friendly and inclusive economy. This philosophy is applied to all asset classes.

The most demanding classification of Asteria’s strategies under Article 9 recognises that the investment objective of each fund explicitly pursues a sustainable in-vestment objective.

At Asteria we support all initiatives aimed at increasing the transparency of in-vestment products. This new regulation will ensure the comparability of sustain-able products and enable end-investors to make informed investment decisions in allocating their capital to solutions with a positive environmental or social impact.
"Natacha Guerdat, Investment Manager, Head of Impact

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