Investment Approach

Introduction to Impact Investing

Proprietary impact research

Our target

Our objective is to achieve a positive environmental and social impact through our investments. We identify companies or projects contributing to solve a sustainability challenge addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We developed a high-tech proprietary financial and impact research platform combining big data and machine-learning.


ESG Policy

As a long-term impact investment manager, we integrate environmental, social and governance issues in our investment process for all strategies. We see ESG as a complementary lens when selecting sustainable companies or projects.

We follow a best in class approach after excluding controversial activities and severe breaches of the Global Compact Principles. Finally, we consider being an engaged shareholder part of our responsibility and act where we think sustainable value can be added.

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Portfolio management

Impact & performance

We build robust portfolios combining impact, performance and risk management.

For listed assets, we optimize our portfolio based on expected return, tracking error and impact generation. For private assets, we rely on diversification, a strong macro framework and liquidity control.

Impact measurement

Consistency and transparency

Our detailed impact measurement framework allows investors to understand the contribution their capital makes to the development of a more sustainable economy. We report on our impact with consistent and transparent facts in a comparable way on all asset classes.